With concerns over the spread of COVID-19, ame C.I.C. is now following government advice to close all events at Dai Hall to the public and will be rescheduled until further notice. The current NWH’s repeating isn’t repetition and Elliot Buchanan’s Organisms of Failure? in April will hopefully be delivered in the future. 

In the meantime, we want to be in touch with you and discuss how we can support independent artists and musicians during the pandemic. Thank you for bearing with us.

Let’s not panic, stay 
ame team 

ame ( art  music experiment C.I.C. )

ame (art music experiment) C.I.C., based in Huddersfield, is an artist-collective organisation that supports contemporary  music and art scene in Yorkshire. We commission works from both emerging and established performers, composers and artists, and deliver frequent concerts, exhibitions, educational and residency programs, working together with local venues and organisations.

We run two venues in town – Dai 大 Hall and Sho 小 Hall.